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Mobilink Jazz Haftawar Offer Subscription Code Rs. 75

Mobilink Jazz Haftawar Offer is for those Mobilink Jazz subscribers who want to enjoy unlimited minutes, SMSs and lighting speed internet. Now they can enjoy all these for Rs. 75 inclusive tax.

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Mobilink Jazz Haftawar always brings the best offers for its subscribers either prepaid or postpaid. This time, Mobilink Jazz has again proved that it will maintain it’s that attitude toward the easiness of its subscribers. Moblink Jazz that had launched the Mobilink Jazz Haftawar Offer is doing well as compared to its rest of Mobilink Jazz Weekly offers .

Have a glance on what you are going to avail under Mobilink Jazz Haftawar Offer :
  • On-net:700 Mins
  • Internet:70MBs (3G)
  • SMS:700
  • Packages:All
  • Subscription: *407#
  • Un-Subscription: *407*4#
  • Status String: *407*2#
  • Info String: *407*3#

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