Top 10 Best intelligence agencies in the World

Intelligence agencies are a key role in the security of a country. Every country has its own one or more intelligence agencies for the analysis and collection of information from secret sources and agents. It helps in making countries strong and prevents their nations from severe attacks by providing alerts and information to the Ministry of Defense, Army, and Law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement agencies after receiving information about the happening attacks in the future take action and try their best to root out causes and kill or capture people involved in attacks.

10. MOSSAD, Israel
MOSSAD is the most prominent and key role intelligence agency in the world. The agents of this agency are proactive and very intelligent. It came into being on 13th December 1949. On 13th December 2017, MOSSAD will celebrate its 68th Birthday at the agency. Secret agents help in collecting confidential information of their enemies and so as to secure their nation from unexpected incidents. MOSSAD directly reports to the Prime Minister of Israel. It is currently being directed by Yossi Cohen.

9. MSS, Ministry of State Security – China
Ministry of State Security is at 9th Position in the list of top ten intelligence agencies of the world. It was established in 1983. It plays important role in securing China by providing security as well as intelligence services. They work to track upcoming unexpected major incidents and report to the security bureau of the country to take counteraction against culprits and terrorists. The HQ of MSS is located in Beijing.

8. ASIS, Australian Secret Intelligence Service – Australia
It is a national intelligence agency of Australia and its capital is located in Canberra. It came into its existence on 13th May 1952. It has great expenses on intelligence services about $468.5 m. It collects information country-wide and also helps allied countries in counter-parting security issues.

7. DGSE, Direction Generale De La Securite Exterieure – France
DGSE is an executive intelligence agency of France. Its major responsibility is to secure the secret information of the country from being leaked to enemies. It is reported that about 5000 employees are working in Direction Generale De La Securite Exterieure.

6- RAW, Research and Analysis Wing – India
RAW was established in 1968 and its primary intelligence agency of India. Its headquarters are located in New Delhi. It helps their nation in securing their national interests. It also works out of the country to steal secret information from neighborhood countries.

5: BND, Bundesnachrichtendienst – Germany
BND is directly managed by Vice Chancellor’s office and liable to report about secret missions and confidential and top-secret information. BND is ranked No 5 in the list of top intelligence agencies of the world. BND keeps close eyes on money laundering, smuggling, or secret information leaks within their country.

4: FSB, Federal Security Bureau of Russian Federation – Russia
Federal Security Bureau is a major intelligence agency of Russia. It has 2,50,000 employees to track, collect and deliver securely private information about their national security to the ministry of defense.

3: MI6, Military Intelligence Section 6 – United Kingdom
It came into existence to track German activities. MI6 works with the CIA and MOSSAD by cooperating with each other to secure their countries from undesired attacks and to prevent their national and defense interests.

2- CIA, Central Intelligence Agency – United States
CIA is the top second intelligence agency in the world after Pakistan’s secret agency ISI. CIA works more professionally as compared to RAW, MI6, MOSSAD, and BND, etc. The key to the success of the CIA is their cooperation with their allied countries in eliminating terrorism in the world. CIA mostly works in South Asia like in Afghanistan, where is thought to be a hub of Terrorism. It came into existence in 1947.

1-  ISI, Inter-Service Intelligence – Pakistan
Inter-Services Intelligence – ISI is the primary and most executive intelligence agency of Pakistan as compared to Intelligence Bureau. ISI is responsible to help Army, Police, Rangers, Airports security forces, the Navy and Air Force, etc in fighting against terrorism by providing before-time alerts of attacks in-country, as such keeping national security. Due to its extraordinary services. ISI ranked as No 1 in top-secret agencies in the world.


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